Why Are We Wearing Orange Today?

index-1.aspxToday is Tie One On for Multiple Sclerosis and we’re wearing orange in support of co-workers who are dealing with this disease.   A disease of the nervous system, MS attacks the myelin that surrounds your nerves.  Without protection of the myelin, the nerves don’t function properly causing a range of symptoms that vary in severity.  More than 400,000 people in the United States have MS.  For help dealing with with the myriad of symptoms that come with this unpredictable disease, It’s Not All In Your Head, provides a self help approach for dealing with this disease. With personal stories on how how various people are coping  with this disease, it is also a reference guide, providing tools and strategies to deal with MS.  You can check out other books about MS here.


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From Banned Books to the Big Screen

Libraries have always  been staunch defenders of your right to read.  Founded in 1982, Banned Books Week celebrates the freedom to read no matter how controversial or unpopular the content.  Here are some classic banned books and their screen adaptations.  Check them out of the library today!

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The Hudson River Craft Beer Festival


is right across the river this weekend and  we have some books that might appeal to you!

  1. Craft Beer Revolution by Steve Hindy
  2. The Complete Beer Course by Joshua M. Bernstein
  3. Craft Beer for the Homebrewer: Recipes from America’s Top Brewmasters by Michael Agnew
  4.  Ultimate Encyclopedia of Beer: The Definitive Guide to the World’s Great Brews by Roger Protz
  5. Running Press Pocket Guide to Beer by Micheal Jackson
  6. The Official Price Guide to Beer Cans by Bill Mugrage
  7. The Audacity of Hops: the History of America’s Craft Beer Revolution by Tom Acitelli
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Euphoria by Lily King

Novelist Lily King has written an exquisitely beautiful book called Euphoria.  The euphoriahistorical fiction novel is based on the life of anthropologist Margaret Mead and her time spent in the territory of New Guinea in the 1930’s.  Upon reading her biography King learned of the crazy love triangle that ensued with Mead, her  second husband, Reo Fortune and fellow anthropologist, Gregory Bateson, who eventually became her third husband.  King recalled, “I thought it would make a great novel. “

King has made the story her own and tells the story from the perspective of Andrew Bankson, the  lonely distraught anthropologist who has been alone in the jungle for months and was suicidal prior to the arrival of Nell and Fen, the husband and wife anthropologists he befriends.  The couple are exhausted and sick from being pursued by one of the violent tribes they were studying and Bankson cleverly offers to find them another friendlier tribe to study.  They happily agree and although exhausted, the bonding  of like scientific minds creates a friendship that takes an interesting turn of events.  Read the book to discover what happens next.

After reading this novel, I wanted to learn more about the life of Margaret Mead.   Here are some additional titles to checkout.

Margaret Mead: A Life

With a daughter’s eye: a memoir of Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson

Letters from the field , 1925-1975

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Yesterday was Derek Jeter Day at Yankee Stadium

captains    thecaptain    derekjeternyt    lifeyouimagine

I’m sure I watched with many other Yankee fans the pre-game  show where the Yankees  honored Number Two- “The Captain”.   Derek Jeter has been with the organization since 1995  and holds Yankees career records for hits, games played, stolen bases, at-bats and singles!   This is an amazing feat for such an extraordinary franchise! Perhaps, what is more remarkable to me is how he formed his foundation Turn 2,  which turns kids toward a healthier lifestyle and away from drugs when he was only 20 years old in his rookie season!  In a day and age where we uncover scandals about celebrities every day, Derek Jeter is a breath of fresh air and someone I would want to read more about.    Check out these books today!

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I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections by Nora Ephron

What a pleasure it was to listen to the audiobook , I Remember Nothing by Nora index-18.aspxEphron from our Overdrive collection.  If you are looking for some serious belly laughs and reassurance that your memory is not the only one that is going south, Ephron’s title is the perfect antidote.     While I Remember Nothing pokes fun at various memory gaffes,  including the writer not recoginizing her  own sister, the book also contains astute observations about technology, her love affair with journalism, her relationship with her mom, and the fact that time stops for no one.  It has been almost two years since the death of the beloved personal essayist and screenwriter, however her connection to the common man lives on through her books and movies.  Give this title or any Ephron title a listen, I promise it will make you laugh!


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June is National Audiobook Month

If you’ve never tried an audiobook, now is the perfect time to give a listen.  Whether you are commuting to work, going away for a long weekend,  or just working around the house, an audiobook is good way for the time to fly by.  The Audio Publisher’s Association just came out with the 2014 Audie winners last week.  Here are some winning titles you should check out!

stillfoolinem   david&goliath   dr.sleep worldwarz  longestride


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Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie is Sci-Fi Multi Award Winner

What do California Chrome and Ancillary Justice have in common?  Last week, Ann ancillaryjusticeLeckie’s Ancillary Justice won the prestigious Nebula Award for Best Novel voted upon by  The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.  The novel has also won the Arthur C. Clarke award for the UK’s best science fiction novel.  Let’s not jinx its possible Triple Crown status as it is a Hugo award nominee as well.

What is this novel about?  Ancillary Justice is the first book in Leckie’s space opera trilogy called the “Imperial Radch.” The novel starts as artificial intelligence Breq,  who once controlled a massive starship and its crew,  is now isolated in a single frail human body, while seeking answers to her questions.    Read NPR’s review here.  Reserve your copy by clicking on the cover.


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Books and Movies to Reflect Upon Memorial Day


Memorial Day is the unofficial start of the summer, but let’s not forget the real reason for the holiday.  Check out these titles:

index.aspx     unbroken    boyswar  savingprivateryan


hell&backagain     lonesurvivor     submarinecommander     lastofthedoughboys

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Gemini by Carol Cassella

If you like fiction with a medical twist  along the line of Lisa Genova and JoJo Moyes, then gemini you should  give Gemini by Carol Cassella a try.   Along with being the author of Gemini, Cassella is a practicing anesthesiologist so she is certainly knowledgeable about her subject matter.    The book revolves around  duel narratives hence the intriguing title. This novel starts off with the story of a comatose Jane Doe who has been brought to a  hospital after being hit in a car accident.    One plot is the story of surgeon, Dr. Charlotte Reese and the medical, ethical and  moral dilemmas she has to face as she deals with the unidentified patient.  The other story line tells the tale of two young teenagers Bo, a wealthy lanky young  man who befriends Raney, a young female townie  who lives with her grandfather while barely making ends meet in rural Washington state.   Cassella who lives in Washington state describes the area so beautifully, you want to take a visit.  I loved the way this story intertwined and had various twists and turns that made Gemini an unpredictable and  interesting read.  Give it a try, I’d love to hear what you think about it!

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