Audio Review: The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray

I just finished listening to The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray  by Walter Mosley and absolutely loved it!  Mosley, known for writing several crime series, takes a wonderful departure to write the tale of 91 year old African American, Ptolemy Gray, one of the more memorable fictional characters I’ve read about in a long time.

In the story Mr. Gray is losing his memory, and in his garbled mind-past and present, mingle as one–if either isn’t completely forgotten.  After a drive by shooting kills his nephew Reggie, Ptolemy feels an  urgency to remember things from his past and is offered a drug that will make his mental mind much sharper than his 91 years.   The drug comes with serious side effects and eventual death, but Ptolemy is willing to take the risk.  Along the way, he makes a lasting connection with Robyn, a young teenage girl with no family of her own.  Themes of aging, dementia, family, loss and love are all discussed in this unforgettable tale.  The wisdom that shines through Ptolemy and the wonderful writing style of Mosley make The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray a very satisfying listen.  I heartily recommend it!

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