Staff Review: Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World by Michael Lewis

I recently saw Michael Lewis, author of BOOMERANG, on the Daily Show with John Stewart and he was so funny and interesting. His wit and great insight is very evident in this book about the 2008 financial crisis and the temptation of foreign governments (and U.S. state and municipal government, too) to indulge in financial practices “that they could not normally afford to indulge” in.   Lewis writes about the governments investing unwisely and also  providing lifestyles and futures for their citizens that could not be maintained after the bust.  Lewis covers the financial crises in Iceland, Greece (the title of this chapter is “And they invented math”, too funny), Ireland and in U.S states, cities and towns in plain English so even I could understand. Germany has been left holding the financial bag for Europe, so there’s some of “what goes around, comes around” karma. Most books on this crisis are not fun reads, this one is. We will all go broke laughing.

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