Staff Review: Anne Kennedy, Dead Level by Sarah Graves

I met Jacobia Tiptree, the main character in the Home Repair is Homicide series,  about the time I bought my own badly-in-need-of-renovation house. Her repair tips often came in handy as I, too, tackled crumbling plaster and drafty windows (much as I also love “culinary cozies” I’ve never made a single recipe.) But “Jake” is much more resourceful and self-reliant than I, as she rarely turns to professionals for help with her projects. And now that the big house in Eastport is a comfortable home for Jake and her extended family, she can turn her attention to the rustic lakeside cabin half an hour from town while author Sarah Graves freshens the series by developing the character of Jake’s son, Sam. A boat-builder and recovering alcoholic, Sam is drawn to a pretty blonde who is new in town and of course not exactly what she seems. As his attentions are diverted, Jake’s deck-building project at the lake house is disrupted by an escaped convict she helped send to prison for murder. Although the characters’ musings are a tad repetitive, there’s just the right amount of backstory to cue the reader new to the series without slowing the plot. While Sam learns a lesson in Dead Level , Jake will probably find herself tracking criminals again – at least I hope so!

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One Response to Staff Review: Anne Kennedy, Dead Level by Sarah Graves

  1. Patty Sussmann says:

    A perfect start to May is Mystery Month! Thank you!

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