Book Review: Suddenly A Knock On The Door: Stories by Etgar Keret

This short story collection is bizarre, hilarious, intriguing and puzzling. In the title story, a man is held hostage in his apartment and forced to tell a story. He begins with the line “Suddenly, a knock on the door…” and immediately there IS a knock on the door. The gunman insists that the pizza delivery man – tho’ no one has called for a pizza – come inside. The apartment owner begins again, incorporating the pizza delivery into the story and then once more uttering the fatal phrase with identical results. The tale grows stranger with each new arrival to fulfill the gunman’s demand that his hostage discard reality and use his imagination – and yet each element simply recounts the actual sequence of events. A more poignant tale features a talking, wish-granting goldfish. Others focus on parenting and family relationships. Each is unique; each is engaging. Enjoy!

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