Two for Music Lovers

Are you a music lover?  Well the power of music was recently demonstrated to me by two of my most recent selections, the DVD, August Rush, and the audio book , A Century of Wisdom:  Lessons from the Life of Alice Herz-Sommer, the World’s  Oldest Holocaust Survivor.   In August Rush, music helps August, an orphaned musical prodigy, as he tries to locate his parents.   This drama had a magical quality to it that has you rooting for August right from the start of the movie. Watch the trailer here:

In the audio book memoir, a Century of Wisdom,  AliceHerz-Sommer recounts her stay at Theresienstadt concentration camp and credits the power of music with her survival in the camp. Alice is a world class pianist and is chosen to be a musician at the concentration camp.  Over her century of living, Alice has met many important people who she consider friends and family:  Franz Kafka, Golda Meir, Sigmund Freud, and Isaac Stern  When talking to Meir about her religion, Sommers says, “I am a Jew but my religion is Beethoven.”   A fascinating listen to an incredible life.  See more about her here:

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