Staff Review: I, Michael Bennett by James Patterson

This fast-paced, captivating thriller has numerous local scenes and characters that will have folks in Newburgh trying to decipher the references. This is the series about a NY-Irish cop with ten kids, and is a lovely portrait of hectic family life, a light-hearted contrast in a thriller about Mexican drug lords. The author’s strong suit is storytelling, and he doesn’t let us down, setting up mysteries and a sense of danger just over everyone’s shoulder. The characters by contrast seem a little simple for such a complicated setting, but the author does hold our interest…somehow we need to know what’s happening next and to whom. As to his Newburgh scenes, Mr. Patterson doesn’t sugar-coat the problems here, but he also describes the locals, police in particular, with sympathy and respect, and calls them “good people doing their best in a bad situation.”

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