Staff Review: Unembedded by Kael Alford

The Unembedded, is a book of news photos taken by four
extremely brave, independent young photo journalists who
ventured “unembedded” into Iraqi war zones to witness for
themselves the life and death of the Iraqi civilians, and the
operation of the insurgents during the American invasion of the
country 2003 -2004. The heart-felt narratives and vivid images
capture, not only the horror and brutality of the war, but also the
courage and perseverance of the Iraqi civilians who brave on with
daily life amid the threat and violence in ways that the US military
would not report, and the “embedded” journalists of major media
had no access to witness.
Kael Alford, one of the four young women photojournalists who
contributed to the book, grew up in Middletown, NY. In a recent
visit to the Orange County Community College, she spoke on her
war zone experience as an “unembedded” journalist — one who
seeks out on their own to witness the war without the “protection”
of the US convoy. She was articulate, genuine and low key. When
asked what was it like when she first returned to her “normal” life
in New York after the war, she candidly admitted that she can not
believe the trivial matters people concern themselves with here at
Alford was named a Neiman Fellow by Harvard University’s
Neiman Foundation for Journalism in 2008. Her work has
appeared in Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, Vanity Fair,
The Times (London), and NRC Handelsblad (The Netherlands),
among other publications. Her current works include a long term
project about the environmental degradation, landscape and
culture of the Gulf Coast. To get a glimpse of her recent work, go

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