Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

The much-talked about novel, Beautiful Ruins, has it all. “This is about Italy in the 1960s, Hollywood now, Hollywood then, the Seattle music scene, the Donner party, World War II,” the Spokane-based, 47-year-old author said in a recent LA Times article.  ( Jul 26, 2012)  How can all these subjects  be connected?  Walter does a beautiful job of bouncing back and forth between decades and continents in this social satire that runs us through the “glamour” of Hollywood and the movie industry to an examination of popular media as it exists today in our culture.  Ruins is also a beautiful love story that show us how while fate doesn’t always give us what we want, it offers us poignant hope.  I suggest you read Beautiful Ruins to find out what all the hype is about– you won’t be disappointed.

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