Audio Review: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Recently NPR had posted the Best Young Adults Novels selected by their listeners and John Green’s name came up five times on that list!  I had recently heard about John Green from a glowing  review posted on our Adult Summer Reading Blog and based on NPR’s article, I decided I must read something by this author.  I cheated by listening to the audiobook for The Fault in Our Stars and was blown away by Green.  This book is certainly not a light YA read, but certainly one I would heartily recommend to ANYONE  who is looking for a worthwhile read.   The novel involves  a 16 year old  cancer  patient, Hazel, who finds love with Augustus Waters, aka Gus, at a support group.  Green’s writing style is spot-on as he creates the teen-age dialogue which will make you laugh one second and cry the next.  In fact, the plus of the audiobook was hearing an interview with Green at the end of the book.  Before he became an author he worked as a student chaplain at a hospital and was haunted by the young people he met similar to Hazel and Gus.   He wanted to give these teens a voice.  Indeed, he has- a beautiful one!

Watch the book trailer here:

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