Audio Review: Calling Invisible Women by Jeanne Ray

Some people wish for the power of invisibility, but this is not the case in the story Calling Invisible Women by Jeanne Ray, Ann Patchett’s mother.    This novel starts out with the main character, Clover, a fifty-something reporter and mom who suddenly notices her body is flickering in and out of existence and imagines she is going crazy because no one seems to notice her invisibility other than her faithful dog.  Soon, she disappears fully and her own family is completely oblivious to her problem just as long as dinners are made and routines are kept up around the house.  Thankfully,   her best friend Gilda feels Clover’s presence and realizes her invisibility issue.  How has this happened?  Is Clover the only person who has turned invisible?

Fortunately, Clover finds an ad for a support group for invisible woman in the paper she works for and realizes she is not alone.    The women, who are all of a certain age, have discovered that a combination of drugs for menopause and depression made by a pharmaceutical powerhouse along, with dabbling in Botox treatments creates the invisibility.   Soon the group discovers the positives about being invisible and use it to their best advantage.    Will they succeed in confronting the pharmaceutical company?  Will Clover’s family ever realize she is invisible?  Read or listen to Calling Invisible Women to find out.

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