Book Review: The Prophet by Michael Kortya

If you are looking for a page turner that will keep you up long into the night, look no further than the mystery/thriller, The Prophet by Michael Kortya.  Two brothers who prophethad not spoken to each other in years are brought together to help solve the murder of a young teenage girl who is found brutally murdered– ironically similar to the murder of their sister twenty years earlier.   In many ways it appears that the brothers are direct opposites of each other.  Kent Austin, is the beloved football coach of the town’s winning football team and is well respected in the community.  Older brother,  Adam Austin,  long forgotten football hero, works as a bail bondman who cavorts more with the criminal element he works to find.  Can the two brothers work together and find common ground?  This book reminded me of a combination of the  psychological drama of Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin and the football frenzy of  Friday Night Lights.  If you’re a fan of either, give this book a try, you will not be disappointed!  Kortya is an author to watch!

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