Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

6878-Jojo-MoyesMe-Before-You.286121153_std-198x300If you are looking for a modern day twist on the traditional love story, look no further than Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.    A overseas word of mouth bestseller, this story centers around young ordinary  Louisa Clark who has just lost her job as a waitress at the local cafe.  Louisa gets more than she bargained for when she lands the job of companion to parapalegic, Will Traynor.  Before he was in a wheelchair, Will was was an adventure seeker, living life on the edge and Louisa has the enormous task of trying to keep a suicidal and  bitter Will engaged in the world around him.  A deadline looms in the future for Louisa and Will that makes this  a tender and haunting love story.   There is plenty to discuss in this book which would make an excellent choice for book discussions.  See what they’re saying in the British book trailer here:

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