In Honor of Poetry Month

Newburgh Library is showcasing the works of some of the members of the Hudson Valley Poets.  This group meets at the main library on the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.

I Am Turtle                                turtle

     -for Glennis Drew           

I explore earth's regions, dark
edges of forest, even marsh lands.
swim watery depths, gaining
experience all the time.  On land, 

I bask in the sun and sleep in
warm folds of self, where I 
withdraw inward, there to dream
visions of an ancestor spirit.  I link

earth to water, water to earth,
a cycle of eternal balance, I carry       
my world with me.  My shell and I 
are one, house and home I never

leave. I lay my future on the shore
and hope my generations survive.
Should water submerge these places, 
I will exist no more, only as art,

primeval image of what once was.
Perhaps return in another form.
When I am flipped, I claw the air.
Reach back with neck. Push head

against ground.  With roll, regain presence
through strength, perseverance.  I am
alone from start.  Drawn to water as soon 
as I leave birth sands of darkness.

I am secure in my self.  My lumbering pace
belies my nature, full of ageless wonder.
My artwork I carry with me, upper and
lower realms, cycles of twelve carved

in designs of mystery.  My obstacles are
many.  I go around them.  I look forward.
Live in the moment.  Have no attachments.
I am turtle.  Ancient and forever.      John Fitzpatrick

Published:  Stoneboat copyright 2012
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