Hudson Valley Poet: Mona Toscano

“Landscapes and portraits,” are what I write says Mona Toscano.  A published workshop-trained poet, frequent open-mike reader, Mona coordinates the Hudson River Poets.  They gather at the Newburgh Free Library, the first Thursday of the month.

Eagle I
If, once more, 
the eagle that I saw
along the Newburgh shore--
on a burr-cold February day
in a swirling winter storm--
were to soar by again
on a balmy day, 
wearing his sleek white crown
and feathery ruff, his glossy-black
wingspread, his dart-eye gaze,


I would run under the wake of
his flight and chant out load:
"Stay, stay, stay gigantic bird, 
stay here for a hundred days and, 
then on a clear equinox night,
pluck with your sharp hook beak and
hold in your sleek yellow talons tight, 
a scant thread from a shooting star
for us to weave into the tapestry
of dreams and Hudson Highland
verse, a terse image of you,
majestic, regal, and imperial,
avian symbol of return."


Oh, mythic Hudson River eagle, 
your being connects us to the fragrant, 
seen and unseen, fabric of the universe.

                  Mona Toscano  4/12/10
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