Book Review: Mother Daughter Me: a memoir by Katie Hafner

More commonly known for her books about technology, journalist and author Katie Hafner has written a gem of a memoir in Mother Daughter Me.  The book starts out as Hafner is moving her  elderly mother from San Diego, where she has lived for most of her motherdaughtermelife, to share a house with her and her young teenage daughter in San Francisco.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right?  Hafner does not gloss over her situation and writes honestly about her life. Her relationship with her mom has never been easy, considering she was an alcoholic  when she “raised” Katie and her sister, Sarah.  The author is also coping with her own life as a single mom, due to the tragedy of her husband’s massive heart attack several years earlier.     Add to the mix, that Hapner’s daughter Zoe,  who,  as   a teenager had her own issues, is still dealing with her father’s death and the transition to the new dynamics of the household and  sharing her mother’s attention– who is torn between the two of them.  Read this wonderful authentic memoir if you like books about interesting family dynamics, particularly, if you are a child of an alcoholic.

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