Patron Review: The Eye of God by James Rollins

All you readers of thrillers buckle up in your favorite reading chair and get ready for another roller coaster ride of action with James Rollinss newest Sigma Force thriller, Eye eyeofgodof GodFollow the Sigma Force team of Monk Kokkalis, Gray Pierce and Kowalski as they search  for a crashed satellite that was tracking a comet named Apophis (the Egyptian snake god) in order to study dark matter in the universe.  Unfortunately, the crashed satellite is acting as a beacon for asteroid strikes that will destroy the world unless the team can find an artifact given to Saint Thomas and hidden by Gengis Khan.  The team travel  for Kazakhstan to Mongolia to find a cross made from a meteor that fell to earth in the distant past and along the way they must fight bad guys  who want to resurrect the empire of the great Genghis.

As always, the author takes the time at the end of the novel to give you the facts of science and history that have gone into the writing of this superior thriller.  And the only question left to the reader on the last page is, “When will the next Sigma Force novel be coming out?” ( review by Cheryl Fader Frey)

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