On the Hot Topic of Bullying- Read Wonder by Patricia Palacio

I don’t know if I can think a word that has become more talked about in the 21st century wonderthen the topic of bullying.  It seems that in our tech-savvy world that the problem of bullying has found new ways to pervade our society.  I recently was awestruck by the debut children’s book Wonder by P.J. Palacio, which deals with this difficult topic in a thoughtful and constructive way.  Wonder is the story of August Pullman, a  home schooled fifth grader with facial deformities,  who is set to go to his first public school  ever.  As a parent, I was cringing at the thought of the cruelty that would be launched on poor Auggie , who is otherwise a funny and  typical fifth grader. Palacio has written the book in an unusual style and has provided different chapters of the book from different perspectives– not only August, but also his sister Via, his classmates, and others whom August has touched.  Although this is a children’s book, I recommend this book to ANYONE who wants to be touched by this wonderful book and its message on kindness.  Here is the book trailer.

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