It’s Perfect Weather for reading A Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin

Lately, I keep seeing the movie trailer for the upcoming movie “A Winter’s Tale” due out  on Valentine’s Day next month. If you’re a fan  of a good love story it seems to me that winters-tale-english-5.previewthis is the perfect opportunity to curl up with the 1983 tome the movie is based on,  A Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin.    The story takes place in a fantastical New York where both New York City and and the season of winter are as important and beloved “characters” as the people in the novel.  The story starts as orphan Peter Lake is set adrift in a boat only to be raised by the Baymen of Bayonne New Jersey. Lake is later expelled to New York City where he becomes a burglar by trade.   He stumbles upon the young Beverly Penn in the midst of one of his robberies and becomes enamored with the beautiful but sickly woman. Peter Lake time travels to the end of the twentieth century where New York City  has become quite different from the city he was a thief in.   He  discovers he has the ability to stop time an bring people back from the dead and  so it becomes his mission to resurrect Penn. This is only one component of Helprin’s  magical  novel  that makes it perfect reading for the weather we’re having– it’s also a love letter to the city of New York.  Check it out of the library today!

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One Response to It’s Perfect Weather for reading A Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin

  1. Melinda says:

    I don’t really read a lot of love stories, but this sure sounds good!

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