In Honor of National Poetry Month read Robert Pinksy’s Singing School

singingschoolIt’s the start of National Poetry Month and I feel like  Pinsky’s anthology, Singing School: Learning to Read and Write Poetry by Learning from the Masters  is the perfect book to get the month off to the right start.  Robert Pinksy , a poetry editor of Slate and a former poet laureate, is known for  singing the praises of  the power of poetry for the everyman, especially in his Favorite Poem Project.   Pinsky presents notes before the chapters that use masterpieces from poets like Yeats and Hopkins to examine different aspects of poetry.   Pinsky says his hope for the future of poetry is that more people will know the work of more poets.  With Singing School he inspires not only the poets to create but the readers to appreciate.  The aim of the slim volume of 80 poems, Pinsky says, is “to offer aspiring poets ways to learn from the poetry of the past: an avenue toward creativity based not on fashion or doctrine, but on close, personal attention to magnificent examples.” What better way to start NaPoMo.  Check it out now!

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