Gemini by Carol Cassella

If you like fiction with a medical twist  along the line of Lisa Genova and JoJo Moyes, then gemini you should  give Gemini by Carol Cassella a try.   Along with being the author of Gemini, Cassella is a practicing anesthesiologist so she is certainly knowledgeable about her subject matter.    The book revolves around  duel narratives hence the intriguing title. This novel starts off with the story of a comatose Jane Doe who has been brought to a  hospital after being hit in a car accident.    One plot is the story of surgeon, Dr. Charlotte Reese and the medical, ethical and  moral dilemmas she has to face as she deals with the unidentified patient.  The other story line tells the tale of two young teenagers Bo, a wealthy lanky young  man who befriends Raney, a young female townie  who lives with her grandfather while barely making ends meet in rural Washington state.   Cassella who lives in Washington state describes the area so beautifully, you want to take a visit.  I loved the way this story intertwined and had various twists and turns that made Gemini an unpredictable and  interesting read.  Give it a try, I’d love to hear what you think about it!

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2 Responses to Gemini by Carol Cassella

  1. Hey, thanks for this review of my novel GEMINI–I’m glad you enjoyed it. Always happy to Skype with book clubs if anyone is interested. Thanks most of all for helping good readers and good books find each other, and keeping literature alive in this increasingly busy and info overloaded world!

  2. Carol — I will be in touch! We would love to Skype with you!

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