I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections by Nora Ephron

What a pleasure it was to listen to the audiobook , I Remember Nothing by Nora index-18.aspxEphron from our Overdrive collection.  If you are looking for some serious belly laughs and reassurance that your memory is not the only one that is going south, Ephron’s title is the perfect antidote.     While I Remember Nothing pokes fun at various memory gaffes,  including the writer not recoginizing her  own sister, the book also contains astute observations about technology, her love affair with journalism, her relationship with her mom, and the fact that time stops for no one.  It has been almost two years since the death of the beloved personal essayist and screenwriter, however her connection to the common man lives on through her books and movies.  Give this title or any Ephron title a listen, I promise it will make you laugh!


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