November is National Adoption Month

I was listening to Oprah on the radio the other day and the topic was about  twins who were reunited after a long time.  Many of the these pairs were separated at birth and given up for adoption.  The stories were fascinating  and it made me think of all of the sides involved in the adoption process: birth mother and father,  adoptive parents, adoptees, siblings and all the tales that could be interwoven from their perspectives.  Since November is National Adoption Month, here are some nonfiction and fiction titles that deal with the adoption experience:

redthread   tapestryoffortunes   loveinthedriestseason  chinaghosts   arethesekidsyours

21911660  adoptionanswer   twolittlegirls  diggingintoamerica  adoptionyourstepbystepguide
(click on images for more details)

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