The Secret Wisdom of the Earth by Christopher Scotton

When I was at Book Expo last year, I remember Deb Futter, Editor in Chief of Grand Central Publishing, talking about The Secret Wisdom of the Earth secretwisdomand how much she loved the manuscript and  wanted everyone to share in her enthusiasm for the book.  It quickly became a title that all her co-workers were talking about. There is nothing better than hearing about a good word of mouth book!  That got me intrigued and so out of all of the hundred or so galleys I received at BEA, this was the title I read first.  It didn’t have a fancy cover at the time, but the title grabbed me and with Deb’s recommendation I was quickly transported off into the world Scotton created.

First time author, Christopher Scotton, sets the tale of Secret Wisdom in the heart of  Appalachia coal mining country in the 1980’s.   The story revolves around 15 year old Kevin, who has been sent to visit his grandfather for the summer along with his grieving mother after tragedy has struck the family. I  quickly became enamored with the characters and this tale that entwines environmental issues with the moral dilemmas that come into play in this classic coming of age of story.    I lived and breathed this story as I was reading it and I hope you will too.   If you love a good coming of age story mixed with redemption and honest believable characters, you should put this book at the top of your to read pile.  I was so enamored with the book it will be my book discussion selection for February and we will be Skyping with the author.

Please give it a  read — it is a classic that will be in at the top of my best list in 2015 !

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