The Cold Weather Brings out the Thrill (er) in Me: A Review of The Girl on the Train

There is something about the winter that makes me read dark psychological suspenseful  books that keeps me on the edge of my seat.  I’ve just finished reading, The Girl on The Traingirlonthetrain by Paula Hawkins.   I remember hearing buzz about this book last spring at Book Expo and it certainly lived up to its hype.  Perhaps it is the dark grey winter days that makes it easier to be transported into these dark scenarios.

Similar to Gone Girl, Hawkins has created an unreliable main narrator, Rachel,  who keeps us on our toes and guessing throughout the novel.  Rachel, recently unemployed and frequently inebriated, is wallowing in the depths of despair over the recent loss of her marriage and job and has taking to keeping up the pretense of being employed as she rides the train every day as if she is going to work.  As the train slows down past the backs of a row of houses, Rachel becomes  a voyeur and lets her imagination run wild. She makes up names and imaginary lives for these characters she doesn’t know.  She becomes particularly enamored with a young couple who seem similar to her and her  ex-husband in happier times.  In her mind they are named “Jason and Jess”.  Imagine her surprise when one day as the train approaches the back of the row houses she sees Jess passionately kissing a man that is not her husband!  This sets Rachel into a tailspin especially since the next day, the front page of the newspaper is covered with a photo of  “Jess” who happens to have gone missing!  This book has everything you’d want in a thriller and kept me on my toes till the very end.  If you’re like me and love to curl up with a thriller when its cold and grey outside– give The Girl on The Train a read!

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