R.I.P Sir Terry Pratchett

index-1.aspxLast week  the iconic and beloved fantasy author, Terry Pratchett,  lost his battle with early onset Alzheimer’s disease  and began his walk with Death. Writer of over 70 novels, Pratchett is perhaps best known for his series of books set in  Discworld, a flat planet  balanced on the back of four elephants where the seas pour over the sides.  Discworld was a place ever evolving, becoming  more convoluted and somber in Pratchett’s later works, perhaps the result of Pratchett’s diagnosis.   The author had written over 40 novels based  in this  fantasy world — and one of those characters was Death himself.    If you have never read anything by Pratchett, a good place to start might be A Blink on the Screen, a collection of shorter fiction by Pratchett that spans his illustrious career.  You will see  how Pratchett evolved from a young high schooler to the  finesse and witticisms of his latter work.  In another of his books about Death , Reaper Man, Pratchett wrote “no one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away”.  Please give a work by Pratchett a try so his ripples live on for many more years.

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