#Women in Fiction

I love the fact that Twitter is lighting up with the  hashtag #womeninfiction.   Started by Preeti Chibber, manager of Harper Collins Children’s Books, Chibber started tweeting about women authors and women heroines in the world of fiction.  Check out her  Storify where everyone from Hermoine Granger to Jane Eyre is mentioned in an outpouring of love to strong women characters.  I started to think of my favorite women characters in history that I’ve read in the past few months  and these two titles came to mind.

jamonthevine.Ivoe Williams is the main character of LaShonda Katrice Barnett’s   Jam on the Vine.  The young well-educated African American woman helps found the first female-run African American newspaper during the turbulent times of the Jim Crow era.


indexAaliyah Saleh, the complex woman in Rabih Alameddine’s  extraordinary work, The Unnecessary Woman, nominated for a National Book AwardHow could I not fall in love with the cantankerous septuagenarian Lebanese woman whose love of books is at her  essence and the transformative  power in her life. If you haven’t read these two titles, you should add them to your to be read pile. More importantly, who are your recent favorite women protagonists?

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