The Rosie Effect by Graeme C. Simsion

rosieeffectIf you became  enamored with the quirky lovable character of  Professor Don Tillman in The Rosie Project you should continue on and read The Rosie Effect by Graeme C. Simsion.  Honeymooners, Tillman, a genetics professor, has been married for ten months to the beloved Rosie, medical student/bartender.   Don whose personality  is very similar to Sheldon Cooper’s Big Bang Theory persona, is trying to adjust to the the idea of being married.  It is hard enough for the average Joe to assimilate to marriage but Don is extremely used to routines and order  and is doing his best to do things a bit more spontaneously in marriage.  Sometimes, that isn’t the easiest thing for him to do and Don is sent into a tailspin when Rosie announces she is pregnant.  How will this addition change the relationship between Rosie and Don?  Will he be supportive throughout the pregnancy?  Author Simsion has continued with his winning formula in The Rosie Effect and leaves the reader laughing and smiling throughout this charming read.

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