Finding Jake by Bryan Reardon

I picked up Finding Jake by Bryan Reardon because I had seen several blog posts and articles recommending this title as a read-alike for  The Girl on the Train.  findingjakeBoth books keep you  on your toes and turning the page to see what is going to happen next. Written from the point of view of the stay-at-home dad, Simon, Finding Jake is the tale of a family involved in a  school shooting.   Son Jake is missing after the shooting and is assumed to be involved.    One shooter has died of a self-inflicted wound and Jake is being pursued by the police as a possible accomplice.  The book skillfully weaves every insecure parenting moment in the father’s life as he questions how his son became involved with the shooter.   Perhaps Jake would’ve socialized more with the neighborhood kids, if  Simon  hadn’t been so insecure about  having to deal with his own preconceived notions of stay at home moms?  Should haves and would haves are questioned on each page as Simon goes out on his own to search for his son.  Finding Jake does keep you guessing but that is where comparison to The Girl on the Train ends.  I  find this title more on the  subject of  your child being accused of  a horrible crime,  such as,  Lionel Shriver’s, We Need to Talk About Kevin.    All in all, a quick page turner that gives you some food for thought about an issue in contemporary America that is unfortunately becoming all too commonplace.

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