The Mapmaker’s Children by Sarah McCoy

I love reading historical fiction that teaches me about a different era and puts me into  that time’s mindset.  Historical fiction writer Sarah McCoy has succeeded with The index-3.aspxMapmaker’s Children, which juxtaposes present day West Virginia with the times of the Underground Railroad and abolitionist John Brown’s  daughter, Sarah.   In the present day, Eden Anderson, newly married and eager to have children,     lives in an old house that she has  recently discovered has been a part of the Underground Railroad.  Before the Civil War, Sarah Brown has just discovered she will not be able to have children and learns to use her artistic prowess for the good of the abolitionist movement .  She create maps to help the slaves recognize landmarks on the Underground Railroad. Author McCoy successfully weaves an interesting premise that connects the two women’s parallel stories- infertility and the idea of family.   I ended up loving both of these female characters and the writer’s skill in making us care for them.   This is a worthy choice for book clubs who like historical fiction and women’s issues.

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